Lux Vortex

Bright Artwork for Colorful People


Kaleidoscope Lampshades

Unexpected Balance

Each diamond shaped facet both pushes outward and pulls inward.


Beautiful Geometry

Golden ratio relationships, axes of symmetry and clean lines to please the eye.


Infinite Complexity

Internal reflections create a universe of warm, colorful shapes.



Like oil on a pond light is split into a rainbow of colors.


Precision Made

Designed and built to 1/100th of a millimeter tolerances.



Made from recycled acrylic. Uses widely available E26/27 LED light bulbs.



Made in Amsterdam, tested thoroughly and built to last.



Works right side up or upside down. Fits any standard lamp base or hanging point.


Available in lots of different colors and styles. Custom orders are welcome.


5 minutes with window cleaner and a paper towel and it's like new.

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