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"The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds."
- Theo Jansen -

About Us

Who We Are 


Founded in 2015, in the heart of Amsterdam, Lux Vortex unites two visionaries—Fred Pereira from the United States and Tycho van Iwaarden from the Netherlands. Mingling American daring with Dutch sensibility, our lighting designs embody a rich cross cultural dialogue. Experimentation, discovery and development are the factors that drive our evolution and define our journey.

What We Do


Light, the powerful protagonist of our prolific endeavors, is our silent collaborator. As creators, we understand its profound impact on people’s perception, presence, and personality. In our collective exploration, we celebrate the pivotal role of lighting in revealing the soul of art, remaking our reality into a fascinating realm of luminous storytelling.

Why We Do It


The importance of light to us, as humans, is undeniable. As beings molded by the sun's warmth we instinctively recognize its influence on our lives. Light naturally promotes a strong sense of connection to one another. We appreciate light as more than illumination—it is an elemental energy, enhancing productivity, health, and happiness.

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