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We started LuxVortex with a thought of making a piece of art out of something that we used to treat so indifferently. A light bulb used to be just a light bulb - a source of light we would not pay much attention to. It shines - that's it. But our fascination for light gave us a chance to see more than just a utility. We create art from light, by paying attention to details, manipulating it's colors, the way it spreads, constantly creating a brand new, unique form of something we thought we knew so well.

We came up with solutions for everyone. Our Crystallo product line is designed for the ones seeking a more natural elegant look, whereas Chrome will suits a more rugged industrial style!


We like to share our art as well and our knowledge in lighting while meeting new people. Therefore we are always keen to participate and help interesting projects grow. Here you can see some of our expos and collaborations. Enjoy!

And don't be afraid to contact us with any questions or prospects!


Our projects

Fred, born and raised in New York, we can call him a men of many talents. Starting from acquiring eduction in physics, dropping out of law school and finishing on deciding to create. Tycho, he always followed a path of light that took him to Amsterdam Art Academy to study lightning and theatre technics. Together they create a perfect duo - in their art you can see Fred's diverse life experience and inspiration, polished and brought to the best possible form and expression thanks to Tycho's knowledge and experience in the lightning industry.

Who is LuxVortex? 

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