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"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary."
- Aaron Rose -




Iridescence is an incredible instrumentalist, playing with light like a visual virtuoso. It is a chromatic composer, conducting a kaleidoscopic cacophony of complementary colors. An optical orchestra, performing mosaic movements of harmonious hues. Each fleeting flicker is a brilliant note, a radiating resonance, in a scintillating symphony.



Tailor made lighting is a manifesto of individualism, a bespoke revolution that challenges conformity. Customized creations are a rebellious outburst, a blazing anthem of personal expression. It is more than lighting, becoming a bold statement, a defiant decree that turns common places into curated exhibitions of the unique and the extraordinary.



Embark on an enlightening odyssey, by visiting these trusted and knowledgeable shops and galleries, to see Lux Vortex lighting for yourself. Their expertise offers intimate insight into depth and detail, promise and potential, fostering a genuine connection with the artistic ingenuity that distinguishes Lux Vortex designs.

Soft White


Soft white light, an intricate interplay of luminosity and shadow, calmly compliments decor with a comfortable glow. Its understated elegance forges a timeless aesthetic, pairing pure practicality with effortless grace. These compatible characteristics commemorate a tastefully tempered testament to the mindful mastery of minimalism.

About Us


Lux Vortex shines as a beacon of innovation in the universe of lighting design. This pioneering company exemplifies extravagance with their exclusive decorative lighting solutions. Beautifully blending infinite imagination with exceptional execution, Lux Vortex conjures dazzling masterpieces, unveiling unknown vistas of unparalleled excellence.

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