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"Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life."
- Vincent van Gogh -

Iridescent Collection



The Iridescent Trinity is a sparkling gem, featuring a petite, multifaceted design that exudes excitement. Even in close quarters, the flashes from its flawless finish imply indulgence. This compact desk lamp mixes modernity with luxury, yielding an illuminating eye catcher that conspicuously completes cozy chambers.



The Iridescent Monolith is a resplendent rendezvous, where ravenous red bonds with beguiling blue. Coupling contrasting colors, this floor lamp concocts a carnal chemistry, quenching fiery crimson in a cool azure embrace. Ardently it acquiesces, consummating a torrid love affair in a delirious dance of decadent delight.



The Iridescent Kaleidoscope is hypnotic. A traditional silhouette and intermediate stature belie its bottomless reflections and deep distortions. The iridescent veneer transforms this fanciful table lamp into a whimsical brew of vintage design and unconventional inspiration, remaking routine lighting into an enchanting adventure.

Gazing Globe


The Iridescent Gazing Globe is a magnificent masterstroke, grandiose and ostentatious in every sense. Its iridescent intensity is impressive, casting gossamer constellations that embellish even the most palatial surroundings. This floor lamp stands as a radiant revelation, majestically merging glamour and grandeur to generate a momentous marvel.



The Iridescent Sphere is celestial celebration, intoxicating observers with its opalescent opulence. This spherical pendant light, kissed by iridescence, has an otherworldly gleam. Outshineing conventional lighting, this ethereal encounter demands attention, presenting a captivating centerpiece that entrances admirers with bewitching brilliance.



The Iridescent Ellipse is a visual ballet. Suspended in seclusion, its elliptical design bathes backgrounds in a twinkling shimmer. Diaphanous, transient motifs evoke wondrous ephemeral compositions. Floating freely, this pendant light lithely  choreographs color into a prancing pirouette of vivid highlights and flowing fluorescence.

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