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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- Leonardo da Vinci -

Soft White Collection



The Soft White Trinity symbolizes simplification. Its clean lines and gentle luster reverberate with refinement. Matt white, it diffuses and dims bright light, artfully attaining a soothing and serene stability. This modest desk lamp, a shrewd trinity of form, function, and fashion, elevates any environment with demure dignity.



The Soft White Monolith is a pillar of strength, its substantial figure a commanding presence. It is an interactive floor lamp, which first manifests avant-garde allure in fine shades of grey and white, then it delicately displays dynamic color changes in soft muted tones. Always amenable this massive monument is a perfect fit for all situations.



The Soft White Astro desk lamp pays homage to the iconic lava lamp with a novel and timely twist. Its smooth white light contributes to a contemporary quality, re-imagining retro kitsch with an up to date approach. This fresh design serves as a tribute, infusing atmospheres with a nostalgic yet updated appeal, endowing them with an enduring essence.



The Soft White Kaleidoscope is instantly recognizable for its distinct design. The soft white surface adds a touch of sophistication, while its curious charm captures a playful exuberance. Cleverly conservative, this table lamp combines cutting edge design with classical proportions, producing a prominently pleasing focal point.



The Soft White Tiffany revives the audacious spirit and legendary craftsmanship of Tiffany's classic designs. Its subtle white light and familiar rounded profile imbue ageless integrity into present day interiors. This classy modern table lamp reinvigorates the quintessential Tiffany style with unexpected originality.

Gazing Globe


The Soft White Gazing Globe is a carefully calculated representation of organic abundance. Its geometrical progression mimics biological growth, illustrating the astonishing numerical relationships found in nature. The metamorphosis is concluded when smart bulbs cultivate colors throughout this phenomenal floor lamp.



The Soft White Sphere is a declaration of mathematical balance. Its numerous flat panels, linked together at precise angles, summon a symmetrical spherical contour. The soft white light emanating from this pendant light saturates settings in tranquil incandescence, while the ingenious construction showcases a seamless fusion of art and engineering.



The "Soft White Ellipse" pushes the limits of proportion, offering a design continuum from smaller to larger. Its elliptical architecture emits a soothing white light, synthesizing a sleek sensation. This pendant light exceeds is scope, granting the flexibility demanded by the most diverse venues and discerning designers.

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